Zara Is a cute kind sexy girl. Once u get to know her you will never turn your back on her. she is also very popular. She can legit get men by walking by them. Unless she is gay of course. But oh their is one thing you should know about Zara. If u ever give her shit of be a bitch to her don't expect to see the good side of her. Any way she is a hot bad bitch herself.
guy one: wow look at that chick! she is such a Zara!
guy two: OMG!! look at those legs go!
girl one: Wow she is pretty cute. I hope she's gay
by alexsmuoth October 30, 2017
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Zara is, like, the best person you'll ever meet! She's sporty and fun. Zara has a lot of friends who are crazy but nothing against Zara's personality! She is also very quiet and loves to read and write. Don't mess with Zara because her middle name is revenge and she'll get you back harder than you can imagine.
You know that cool kid?

Yeah, she's so pretty and I love her personality
by MAGISTeRIUM September 29, 2017
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ZARA is a notible fashion clothing store, with various stores world wide, in exelent city locations, normaly bought only by upscale individuals who are willing to pay more to look great.
Meg: I love your outfit!
Liz: Thanks i bought it at Zara at the Foreign Shops in Vegas
by Kristian January 26, 2005
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Zara looks cold from the outside but she is really soft from the inside . She is really pretty like a goddess. People may think she is mean but she’s not . She acts like she doesn’t care about others but deep inside she cares about others more than she does for herself she can be a bit selfish sometimes but only to the people who are treating her like a bitch . If u have a friend like her better keep her don’t let her go
Guy 1: did u see Zara
Guy 2: yeah man she looks amazing
by Jeon jungkooooooook June 16, 2019
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My best and only friend.... Zara is the most kind and caring friend ever. Even tho we are always laughing and joking around I just wanted to say, I really appreciate our friendship and hope that you know that. You are an amazing soccer player and a thicc boi. She also likes moto moto and big Chungus. Btw I could never of gotten through high school without you!
by Thicccccccccc boiiiii August 04, 2019
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Zara is a fun girl. Once you get to know her, you'll see how funny, crazy and weird she is (in a good way). Zara has two different types of personalities. One is with the guys when she is with the guys she can just be friends and be a Tom boy but her other personality is with the girls she is so funny understanding and someone you can trust Zara is very loving and caring and can always cheer you up when you're feeling low. You should never lose a friend like Zara. Zara is your best friend and your bestest friend. She will always try her best to help you and give the best possible advice there is. She's fun, beautiful, talented, weird (in a good way) and lots more. If you have a Zara in your life, never lose her.
Zara is my best friend.
Zara is going to play fotty
by Jhydjyfjyf November 08, 2019
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a very attractive girl who doesn't know it and is very modest. she is great at sport and is very naturally pretty. She is a very sweet, brainy, kind girl who LOVES to have fun and is up for anything. she is great to be around and have a laugh with. She will hardly ever say she is good at something and it is very hard to make her realise she is good at something or is pretty, brainy..... basically she is an all round amazing girl.
Dudee, that zara is so gorgeous but its just so hard to make her realise it
by babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey September 01, 2011
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