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The hot, buff ghost hunter on the Travel channel's Ghost Adventures.
"Hey, did you see Ghost Adventures last night?"
"Yeah, sometimes the only reason I watch that show is to see Zak Bagans"
by Henry Wadsworth Longpants January 31, 2010
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The SEXIEST ghost hunter alive!He actually belives in the paranormal and talks loud enough you can hear him,unlike Ghost Hunters(TAPS).In the show he's acompianed by Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin(hillarious dude).He has a show called Ghost Adventures.He travels to locations and films the dusk till dawn lockdowns.Everything that happens to him is Raw..Extreame.BUT OMG HE'S SO SEXY!!
Zak Bagans is so SEXY!
by Zak'sDemonicAngel August 10, 2010
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A frat boy in black clothes who hosts the questionable show "Ghost Adventures." He's a wannabe who tries to be all dark and "goth" when he is just an ex wedding photographer who is in it for the money. Ghosts, what ghosts? Oh, that's a paycheck. Nevermind.

Also in the Douche Bagans collective are the fat, pimply chicks who have never been laid and will do anything to get with him or simply have him "retweet" them on Twitter.
Zak Bagans: Come out you pansy ass ghost! Let me show you what I've got!

Girl viewer at home: Ohhh I just love it when he plays rough with those restless spirits!

Me: This is fake as hell
by hannah_morriss3 January 09, 2012
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