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Gives off a shit first impression. Can come off as a arrogant asshole to people that dont know him well. But if you get to know him you find he can be the opposite. These are his top 7 best traits
1. Great in bed
2. Fun to be around
3. Good kisser
4. Exceptional dick
5. Good at talking his way out of shit
6. Lover, not a hater
7. Doesnt stop untill he gets what he wants.
He is a extremely sexual person and loves vagina. He doesnt know when to stop and doesnt think before he talks.
Im Lauren Lee Ryan and im Zachary Speechly Girlfriend and hes great in bed, hes realy affectionate great charmer, great smile,

im pretty sure every chick is jealous of me. when girls see him they get wet instantly, hes awesome to be around, great to have fun with (mores ways then one)
by Im the neighbour hood slut November 07, 2009
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