A man who will fuck you then leave you to cry in your bed
Guy 1: He totally pulled a zach on me last night
Guy 2: He was ugly anyways
by Symphonian Master July 16, 2012
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zach is a player! everyone loves him, especially girls! he has a wide range of girls everywhere. hes always caught flirting. worries a lot about his reputation, stays positive, and likes to blame things on others. he doesnt care about other people only him self. but zach is a good person deep down inside, but he just hasnt prove it to himself yet.
Zach is not to be messed with.

Zach is a powerful man.

Should I date Zach, he's hot?!
by loverslanefan4eva August 09, 2011
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a big headed person who thinks theyre fun but they are really funny looking and have weird dumb friends who are jack asses
i know a zach and yea do you know a zach.
by yomomma2008 March 20, 2008
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(noun) A recipe that has had an otherwise minor ingredient increased in ratio to comprise anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the total volume of the mixture. IE: a Zach Green Tea with sugar is 2/3 Green Tea, 1/3 sugar.
Yo man, would you make me a rum and coke? Oh, and make it a Zach.

Are you sure dude? You gotta drive home later...
by Zombaugh September 19, 2014
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A cocky boy who has no reason to be cocky, who believes every girl wants him when in reality no one wants him.
"Wow does that boy actually think he has a chance with me?"
"he must be a total zach to actually think that"
by moerad December 29, 2009
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Lying, cheating, sleazy total man whore with a tiny dick who plays every woman he comes into contact with. Watch out for zach. He will fool you into him being a total gentleman, but in reality zach is a mean, abusive asshole whole likes to beat his women. A zach is a total scumbag and user.
by Dayna Spohia February 15, 2015
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An egotistical faggot high school junior who lies to girls, fails at preforming sexual acts, and refuses to date freshmen. Comes off as a big flirt, and only wants in girls' pants. He puffs his chest out when he walks to masturbate his ego even more, and wears the same hideous shorts every day. Often play unmanly sports like lacrosse instead of a more physical contact sport.

Although his taste for music is fantastic, do not let this or his looks lure you in. His personality portrays a whole different person once you get to know the real Zach.
Hi I'm Zach and I'm definitely better than anyone else is this building!

Hey I'm Zach. When I wear a sports jersey or any of my assorted Hollister shirts, I puff out my chest!
by stoptheloveitkillsme April 14, 2010
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