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An rugged male who can be moody and very independent, but he's also sweet and super considerate. He'll show genuine interest and respect in people he cares about, even if the people he cares for are generally ignored by everyone else. He has a way of drawing your personality out and making you feel like you have a true, trustworthy friend. He can get distant at times, but he will always support you, even from afar. He will be missed by anyone who loses him.
She likes being around Zach because his presence is comforting. She thinks he's a really good friend.
by Lkjhgfvbnmcxdrta November 13, 2017
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A guy who is sometimes misunderstood, but wants to understand everyone else. Zach in amazingly gorgeous. He is calm, thoughtful, and irresistable. He will be an ass to the people he cares about most, and he wants to know that you'll always be there for him, because he will always be there for you. Zach is careful about committing to relationships. He doesn't like the "obsessed" type. Zach is a family person. Zach's sex skills are highly underestimated. He can't always remember his dreams, but when he does, the dream is always about the girl he really really cares about. He just doesn't realize that he cares about her yet. Don't let her go Zach
I think that I love Zach.
by urbandictionarywriter5432 January 12, 2011
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#1. A name of a person who is often smart, cunning, dresses well and likes to have fun. A party goer that attracts many people with his intellect, jokes, and good smile.

#2. A name of a person who likes to fool around and be with his friends, often very caring about others and has no problem dealing with tools.
My boy Zach likes to play beer pong at the college fraternity perties, he is the life of the party.
by Hampden-Sydney January 04, 2008
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The most amazing guy I have ever met in my whole life. Makes you laugh anytime you're feeling down. Has an adorable/handsome face and smile. He can be flirty at times, but you learn to love it. He is also easy to become best friends with, and will stay on the phone with you and listen to all your girly problems without complaint. And is the funniest person alive. And will buy you something and yell at you if you even try to pay him back. And i love him to death XD
Zach: -whispers- I love you (fast)
Me: i love you too... (giggles)
by girlonaim April 10, 2009
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It is a person's name.
See, Zach? I wrote a definition. Stop saying "What does Zach mean?" now.
by Frank. December 06, 2006
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a hot guy that is always happy and has many friends that love him and would do any thing for him. he would give you the shirt off his back, or his hoodie if you are cold. he is not afraid of anything and would do anything for his friends(including murder if his friends get hurt). often gloomy bc of the problems in his life but he puts all that aside for his friends so that they can be happy. if you have his love (truely have his love) then consider yourself the luckiest person alive. great kisser, awesome in bed "sex god"
"What happened to her? Someone call Zach!"
by Advent Winged Angel February 04, 2010
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