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Zach Silva is that one of a kind person that whenever you see, it is an automatic turn on. This applies for males and females. Here is the criteria for detecting a Zach Silva:

- Must be called Zach Silva

- Have nice titties
- Must look like Gibby from iCarly
- Must wear colourful shirts (pink shirts are easiest to detect)
- Must be called Zach Silva
- Have the ability to produce titty milk
- Have the nicest fat rolls and chin

If you happen to find a Zach Silva, then your life is complete and you can finally die happy. But beware, as whenever you are near a Zach Silva, you might get erotic images in your head about you either sucking on those titties, sticking it up his anal glands, his infamous tittie discharge smoothie, and more.
Guy/Girl: Oh my god I just saw a Zach Silva, my life is complete now

Guy/Girl: I really wish I can stick my dick up Zach Silva’s juicy anal glands and titty fuck him backwards
by ZachSilvaFetish November 10, 2018
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