verb; to zog.
To recover quickly so as to keep from falling flat on your face.
I slipped on the ice and had to zog quickly before anyone noticed!
i zogged so damn quickly my head was spinning!
by eleanor 123 January 26, 2009
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Short for zogword. When something is painfully awkward. Or just a little awkward. Anywhere between the slightest bit of awkwardness and physically painful awkwardness.
"It was so zog when Jimmy farted in church today!"

"Zog! Did you see Molly's fly is unzipped?"

"Zoggin in my noggin like corn on the cobbin."

by Marykate Spillane December 21, 2008
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To frolic amongst friends upon turf or the earth in hopes of mentally, physically and emotionally crushing one's enemies in ritual sporting; these games are usually followed by friendly banter accompanied by games centered around consuming beer
"I can't wait to Zog on Sunday!"

"I love Zog"

"Dio Zog'd the shit out of that girl!"
by Grigio January 08, 2009
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Noun. Planet of Balls Deep Enjoyment/Out of this world Food. Generally conveys an expression of out of this world experiences/things.
Other Uses: Zogged Up, Zog Off, Zogged Out, Zog Down.
"Lets have a Zog Off!"
"This food is from Zog!"
"Let's have a Zog Down!"
by TheMasterFromZog April 10, 2009
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black person


see also Herzog
noun -The zog spent the money for his electricity bill on sneakers.

adj. - those sneakers were mad zog too.
by Marv November 08, 2004
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