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1) Zip-job: receiving a hand job through the pants
2)Zombie job: recieving oral sex while inebriated or in a zombie like state.
I was wasted last night man, I think I got a ZJ from your dog.
by The Real Shocker is your Fist September 8, 2008
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getin blown while being completely stoned
bitch giv me a ZJ
by MAT BEEZY(ZON) August 22, 2007
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when a black woman and a white woman interlock hands to look like zebra stripes and then proceed to double team HJ your cock.
hey bro, sha' quonda and Tami-Lynn are coming over tonight, if i play my cards right i am definitely getting a ZJ!
by Not-B-Rad February 26, 2014
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If you don't know, you probably can't afford it.
Dude, your mom gave me an amzing ZJ this morning.
Whats a ZJ?
If you don't know, you probably can't afford it.
by pen island May 19, 2008
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A zebra Job, consisting of a black and a white women giving head to one guy at the same time.
Damn, i got the best ZJ last night from the black and white girl i met at the bar.
by Carey Bundick March 28, 2008
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ZJ is short for "Zebra Job" which is a hand job performed by two people on one person. The requiremnt for classification as a proper ZJ is that the two people perofrming the ZJ are of two different ethnicities and have there fingers interlaced. This gives the impression of zebra stripes hence the name.
The black and white chicks I left with last night locked hands and gave me one hell of a ZJ.
by zooman45 September 16, 2008
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