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A new "hop-core" act kind of like OFWGKTA/ HOPSIN/ Childish Gambino/ & Machine Gun Kelly. He puts a glittery "X" over his left eye (reminds some ppl of Kesha), some say it he it's because he is a part of the illuminati, some say it's just a fashion choice. It is said that his shows are compared to the likes of waka flocka flame/ Odd Future/ with a hint of punk rock, although his music is originally hip-hop.
Person1: Hey man, do you like that hip-hop artist Ziggy White?!?!

P2: Hell yea! He's awesome, kinda scary though, but who isn't these days?!?!?!

P1: riiiiight?!??!! He's amazing, I feel like he's the next Justin Bieber!

P2: Woop woop!
by Chocolatestarfishlollipop January 29, 2012
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