Z shit stands for Zoe Pound gang. It was founded by Haitian immigrants living in Miami, Florida during the mid-1990s. They call each other Z’s or words that start with ‘Z,’ like “Zombie” or “Zoe.” Of late, the term “Z shit” has extended to regard most people of Haitian descent.

Kodak Black, who is of Haitian descent, used Z shit in his song ZEZE.
Pull up in a Demon, on God (On God)

Lookin' like I still do fraud (Fraud)

Flyin' private jet with the rod (Rod)

This that Z shit, this that Z shit (This that Z shit)
by LerchTheDon November 25, 2018
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Slang created by DeadboyViaell in 2022. Z shit means high shit or sleep shit. Zzz refers to being so high that you’re almost asleep. People say they are high, slumped, gone, or sleep. If you call someone a Z you’re calling them a druggie unless you mean it as the gang related term
by RockLotto1800 December 19, 2022
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Pulling up in hottest ride, lit hip hop clothing or gangster outerwear like dickies or khaki clothing also having shoes coordinating your outfit and car (Reeboks), plenty money in your pocket, and the hottest out
Pull up in the demon on GOD....it's that z shit". it's that z shit"!
by lmott November 25, 2018
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