- A phrase used in the Polish language when an individual faces a particular situation that causes them to give up all sense of hope because they realize that no matter what they do, they will not win.

- The direct Polish to English translation is “With Dicks, you’ll never win,” however, the less offensive and more proper translation is “No one ever wins when they’re dealing with SOBs.”

- Slightly similar to the English phrases “being between a rock and a hard place” and “being a small pawn in a large game,” as well as, a minuscule connection to the phrase “shit flows downstream.”
SON: What happened dad, you look very depressed?
FATHER: I got a BS speeding ticket for going 38 MPH on a 35 MPH road.
SON: You should go to court and fight that. It’s impossible not to go slightly over the speed limit while driving.
FATHER: There is no use son, “Z hujami, nie wygraz!”
by Tomek Bradyowski October 17, 2012
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