Yuri is a name but people mostly use it to assert dominance or eliminate targets. It means that you are mentally challenged.
Sam:"Say hi to Yuri for me"
Billy:"Who is Yuri?"
Sam:"Yuri Tarded"
Sam: Proceeds to default dance
by OldTR October 24, 2019
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A epic joke to pull on one of your friends
You: Do you know this kid called Yuri?
Friend: No I don't
You: His last name is tarded, so his full name is Yuri Tarded
You: You got jebaited, yeah you just got jebaited
by Hyenite November 01, 2019
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Me: How many chromosomes do you have?
Yuri Tarded: MORE THAT YOU!
HA HA Yuri Tarded
by Dante_ Lover_69 March 22, 2020
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