Those who flaunt that they have cash, but who might not. Women yuppies are usually seen wearing brands like gucci, prada, drinking Starbucks, and has a coach bag. Also known to drive SUV's. Always arrogant and snot-nosed. Most associated with soccer moms. Rarely associates with those out of the yuppie group.
Soccer moms are yuppies.

I live in a yupped out town.

Rich guys that buy harleys that think they're bikers.
by psedofuck September 09, 2011
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derived from Young Upcoming Professional, or YUP --> "yuppie" became the natural colloquialisation. Derogatory 80s term to describe a 'new breed' of young, wealthy people, typically successful in business and not afraid to flaunt it in a fashion which particularly irritates non-yuppies.
All people with mobile/cell phones used to get tagged with 'yuppie'; the neo-yuppie is one who thinks they are above mobile phones and thus more infuriating in today's social climate than le olde yuppie from the 80s.
by ^_^ April 30, 2003
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These are scared little "professional" brats that hide behind $800,000 homes and their Audi's and Range Rovers. Notice how the home is only $800,000, anyone richer is usually a lot better person. It's the upper middle class ones that act like caramel shitting snobs. They treat restaurant and service people like shit. Eventually someone will kick their ass and they will be humbled.
"I punched that little yuppie in the range rover that pissed on my cornflakes this morning. Then I keyed his car."
by running out of patience March 15, 2008
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Usually a metrosexual- one who shops at stores named after people ie: Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Or Tommy Hilfiger. In addition, this person drives a nice car, most likely a BMW, and drinks large amounts of starbucks.
There is no way I am going into the AA meeting, I'll be the only yuppie there!
by lexie Newman January 26, 2004
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A term used to refer to a Young Urban Professional.

Yuppies generally meet all or most of the following criteria:

1. Generally white males in their 20's and 30's but women and other races are possible.

2. Have college degree(s) or IT certifications.

3. Live within city limits of a major city or at least a town with a very high standard of living. Yuppies either rent expensive town-homes or condominiums or own a house that costs at least 2 times the median selling price of homes in the area.

4. Yuppies are rarely found in the country as Yuppies have a fear of dirt and insects or doing anything that requires manual labor.

5. Insist on driving expensive new cars. Favorites are BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infinity, Range Rover and Acura. Many Yuppies refuse to keep a car more than 2 or 3 years before trading it in for a new model of the same car or something more expensive.

6. Yuppies wear expensive designer clothes

7. Yuppies regard personal appearance above all

8. Yuppies prefer not to get married but most maintain a live in girlfriend/boyfriend/fling.

9. Although Yuppies like to flaunt wealth they are also cheap skates and will not offer to buy friends drinks at bars or pick up the tab at the restaurant.

10. Yuppies usually make a salary that is far higher than the work they do is actually worth.

11. Above all, Yuppies are generally rude to other people and look down on anyone who appears to be "below" them.
That Yuppie just drove up in his BMW, got out his lint comb for his designer shirt before going into the 5 star restaurant with his prissy girlfriend...
by JL01 January 14, 2011
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Noun: A person who believes that they deserve their high pay much more than anyone else who works just as hard as they do. They have a lot of shiny objects and generally look down upon those who do not have shiny objects, or those with less shiny objects.

Yuppies will move into an area that was once affordable in the city, but they got wind that it was โ€œhipโ€ to live in Wicker Park, or SoHo, or the Teapot District, so they gentrify it.

Gentrify means to make unaffordable for anyone but yuppies.
I have to live in a high crime area and drive a 1983 Celebrity, cuz the yuppies moved into all the good cheap places.

$1000 a month for one room in a hellhole, and the yuppies make fun of my car.
by Jimmy D October 13, 2003
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young, well to do (mostly white) people in urban areas who are trendy, talk on their cell phones, use their PDAs or laptops, drink coffee in Starbucks and drive a nice car.

Midtown Manhattan is yuppie central along with San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC
by krock1dk@yahoo.com August 16, 2007
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