a black kid who loves to hang with white people and win their favor
ie: a standing ovation that is wanted

also can be use as a compliment, but most of the times its a deragortory term.
nigga 1: awwwww man im tryna kick it right now and smoke weed.

amani: no thank you sir. i would like to hang out with my friend sawyer and nick and go on a boat and look at white girls all day. my sincere apologies.

nigga 1: aww you is such a fuckin yuppie...lovin them white folks

white people: yaaaaaay amani!!!!

nigga 2: wow thats a fuckin standin ovation. straight up nigga 1
by Diego110 May 02, 2009
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A young Urban Proffessional, commonly thought of as a general menace, due to increasing the property values of the neighorhoods around them, however, they can be artistic, creative indivduals who gained through their own hard work and want to help the world.
In the song' We're All Yuppies Now', I give yuppies a good name.
by KivMo March 05, 2004
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like, when a man is older he's probably gonna be one of those guys who wears suits everyday even if he's not working, gets married and has two kids, cheat on his wife a bit, hate anyone below him, yknow?
He's gonna grow up to be such a yuppie.
by Yab0ii August 14, 2017
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Privileged white person born into the rich-middle class. You can identify them by their apartments paid by their white parents and their over priced coffee. Not only they are entitled but they they also gentrified every poor income community. Ex: Hoboken, Brooklyn, and other areas near NYC.
by Know your history December 07, 2019
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(Y)oung (U)rban) (P)rofessional. Someone who's in their 20s or 30s and makes a good salary. Often times hated by people with nothing else better to do than to complain, yet most yuppies just do their job and mind their own business. They're usually in the larger metropolitan areas such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, etc.
God I hate yuppies and their designer clothing; I'm going to spend the rest of my life complaining about them and their lifestyle and go nowhere with my own life.
by Imayuppie February 05, 2014
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Homies between a guy and a girl.
Hey, are you and Sof friends?
Yeah, we're yuppies.
by Sof and Ry July 15, 2018
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