A young, arrogant cunt in a suit.
Yuppie - I have money and you don't.

Man - I have a dick and you don't.
by loltrue March 15, 2010
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A derogatory term for city kids and Yankee children. Used by southerners and country folks as an insult.
That helpless yuppie couldn't even skin a deer.
by Enstagriffin October 29, 2014
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So you want to be a Yuppie? Here's what you have to do.
Never act masculine. Masculine is macho, you know, and all the soccer moms just HATE anything masculine.
Never learn how to drive a stick shift like a man. Drive a wussy automatic, just like an old grandma. Or a chimpanzee. Step on your brakes all the time, just like an old lady. Ride your brakes going down all hills. Never learn how to gear down your transmission or take it out of overdrive.
Cultivate arrogance. Wear it on your face as a smug expression. Always talk down to waiters and service people, to let them know you're a hot-shit Yuppie. To prove your worth, always blow a trumpet fanfare when you lock your car. Be the first Yuppie on the block to buy a set of trumpets that blow when you lock your house. Everyone wants to hear trumpets, and they will all look up to you in awe and admiration.
Always jabber and prattle on your cell phone like an old lady gossiping. Everyone who sees you will admire you.
Learn to call problems "issues," just like a soccer mom. All the soccer moms will admire you for that.
Tell everyone you're going on vacation in Cancun or St. Tropez. That will surely score you big points with the soccer moms.
Always carry a PDA. The more useless things it does, the better. Show everyone how it can dial a phone and remind you it's time to go for your manicure. For extra points, let it remind you to go for a pedicure.
When a crowd is listening, pick up your cell phone and talk LOUDLY. Say "buy 40,000 shares of IBM."
Wherever you go, assume an air of entitlement. You are entitled to take your dog inside stores, despite the NO DOGS signs. You are entitled to use your cell phone in the movies. You are entitled to two parking spaces.
Trent is an insipid, smirking Yuppie. He is entitled to park his Lexus in the handicap parking place because he'll only be in the store for 20 minutes.
by Delicious Tuna Wanda September 29, 2007
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The most annoying type of person on the planet. Young and often taking their jobs too seriously, often tuning out the rest of the planet hence becoming the laughing stock of anyone with credibility/ even half a brain. Cares about oneself, and oneself only.
Does that person know anything outside of their own world.... hell no that stupid yuppie can only focus on herself
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A yuppie is any man or woman who believes they are entitled to high end paying jobs with little or no experience. This is the “everyone gets a trophy generation”, which was created by the “latch key kid generation.” Parents of yuppies, while trying to eat their emotions of loneliness, successfully over compensation their children’s accomplishments and discounting their failures. Mainly because their mommy and daddy was smoking crack in the parking lot of a WHAM concert in the 80’s,while they sat on the living room floor alone eating Trix in a cup while watching the Smurfs.

Although Yuppies appear to have the latest in “trendy retro clothes”, in reality, they dress this way because they have no job and ransacked their grandma’s attic, grabbing what moth eating clothes they could. Then return to their unfurnished apartment, to which they will refer to as a “studio” that has a small eco footprint, which supports a generation that doesn’t need “physical things.” Another physical trait of the yuppie, is the more recent Pompadour Fade, or otherwise known as the grease comb over. Although trendy, it is actually by design, a health measure. By smearing grease in their hair, pulling to one side and shaving the side of their head, this allows for ease when checking for mites or lice, due to the fact that they are unable to have running water in their “studio”. This “Fad” will allow the perfect disguise to hide their true balding within the next 5-10 years.
Ben: Tom, you should minimize your green foot print and down size your home that you worked so hard for.
Tom: Ben, eat shit yuppie, get a job, wash your hair and tell your parents to get counseling.
by Sparrow’s Law November 03, 2016
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A derogatory euphemism generally used by blue collar workers, the less fortunate, or lazy (generally out of envy) to describe young, educated, medium to high income professionals that enjoy spending the money they work hard for. Usually, the terms McMansion or suburbanite will accompany the use of the term.
College Dropout: "I can't stand that city-- all those successful, suburbanite yuppies with their high payng jobs living in their huge, brick McMansions. GAH! Who could EVER want a life like that?"
by Prosperity July 13, 2008
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A word used by ignorant, unclean, uneducated people to describe people who are successful, clean, care about their health and the environment.
"Look at that yuppie shopping at Trader Joe's.. he thinks he's better than me because he buys organic food".
by LoveMyOregon November 05, 2008
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