The thing that i drink daily at 6:00 pm
Jake: what are you drinking?

Michael: Some sticky yummy cum uwu
Jake: I don’t feel comfortable with you anymore *explodes into penises*
by Sticky yummy cum September 9, 2021
All cum; esp. cum that is produced after eating a lot of bananas, pasta, or drinking a lot of pineapple juice.
"John ate Italian food for the last three days; I gave him a blowjob and he gave me dessert. I love to swallow a hot, steamy load of yummy cum."
by dicksy chick September 24, 2007
Yummy, yummy, yummy - I've got cum in my tummy! is what I'm thinking after I suck off all the cadets in my pod.
I just sucked cumgasms out of all my roomies, and now -- Yummy, yummy, yummy - I've got cum in my tummy!
by eda-skip October 11, 2021
what you feed your homies on a late night out. Cum Nuggets show that you are affectionate towards your homies and if you don't want to deep fry a shit ton of Cum then there are a few more ways to prepare your most finest batch of Big Daddy Cum, you can make Cum pancakes, muffins, and anything that you would otherwise put cream or milk in. so what are you waiting for, invite the homies and have a blast with your special sauce.(if you want you can also put it in your pre-workout to boost you squats)
homies:"yo bro you got any yummy cum nuggets."
you:"yea bro they're in the fridge."
homies:"thanks bro."
by dik doodler done messed me up November 22, 2022