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gay little town with nothing to do

is a shit hole

has a really good girls soccer team

a town that only cares about boys football and girls soccer

worst place to live if you dont like soccer or football

aka yuba shitty
did you see #16 is she plays soccer like that she has to be from Yuba City

Yuba City is the worst place to live if you don't play soccer
by girlllssss December 03, 2010
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Joey was playing poker and threw the cards she'd been dealt down on the table. "Nada, bupkis, Yuba City! - I got NOTHIN'!"
by Whitt March 08, 2007
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A small town in north Cali.
With a shitload of gangsters and Preps.
There mall unfortunately doesnt have an Abercrombie&Fitch.
The schools have these groups: "gangstuhs", preps, jocks, nerds, punks, skaters, losers.
They finally have an In'N'out!!!
(Theres also the really ghetto area of YC then the not-so-ghetto area)
Man there was a gangstuh fight @ River Valley (in Yuba City) again!!!
by poooooooooo June 17, 2008
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is a shit hole worst place in the world. nothing to do. the mall sucks dick there is like 10 stores

everyone is yuba city is either dipping cows in sutter or getting drunk in chico, or having sex with the girls soccer team

town where the boys know how to play football and the girls know how to play soccer. and everyone knows how to have sex the boys football team has big dicks and the girls soccer team love their big dicks so it works out.

the town has nothing to do so people just have sex all the time, but everyone knows everything about you and who you are having sex with

very sexually active town
everyone in yuba city is having sex now

why cant the people in yuba city just stop having sex
by girlllssss December 11, 2010
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A city full of stupid people in denial that they live in a city with the word city in it.. "yuba city" wtf kinda name is that? they all have "yc" in their sn's, farm wither peaches or cherries and rape girls in the orchards. They try to fit in else where usually go to sacramento or davis schools and never fit in. Clickiest of the clicky people.. never get along with the laid back people of the bay.. YC people are in such denial that they live in a major hick town they try to boast their insecurities and claim "YC is the best" when they know for a fact its lame.. LAME.

Often Called "Yuba SHITTY"
"I farm peaches therefore Im from yuba city"

"Yuba City is the BEST! Cuz I've never been anywhere else"

"My parents want me to marry my cousin.. u know.. keep it all in the Yuba City"
by Yuba City Guy September 02, 2006
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The shit hole of northern California

the mall has like 2 stores

5 mcdonalds but no chick fil a

the only sport people care about is football


if you dont play football u are not relevant

everyone knows everyone
by dickshitfuckballs June 15, 2018
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referred to as yuba shitty because this town has nothing to do, just one movie theater, a so called mall(that has a total of 5 stores in it.) Yuba city is very very very boring, and for fun more teenagers will go get drunk in chico or go tip some cows in sutter, (or steal from drive-thrus, which is a new trend started in YC) everyone in yuba knows who you are and who you have had sex with, it is hard not to have sex with you bffs ex because he is probably the only person with a penis around. Also people in Yuba City have a lot of sex all the time. There are only two good things about yuba city, is that they have a really good football team who kickass, and they have the BEST GIRLS SOCCER TEAM EVERY(which the girls on the team are rather slutty,especially their captions aka the core three #3 #16 #20 have pretty much had sex with everyone in yuba city, but every guy in Yuba wants to sleep with them cause they are good in bed, probaly from working out on the field so much) Also the girls soccer team is really good even the the "core 3" have sex with everyone and anyone they are the best soccer players this city has seen. Also the boys football who have had sex with everyone also probaly has HIV and might have given it to the "core 3"
did you see #20 that whore probably has some kinda STDS, she does live in Yuba City.

everyone is Yuba City is a whore and the girls team loves to suck dick
by whoreeeeessss December 10, 2010
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