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Ystrad mynach the place in the valleys where every fucker knows every other fucker . Where they think they are posh than their nearby towns of bargoed and Blackwood but they aren't fooling anyone. A place where if you pull at the pub you need to make sure you ain't related or you could end up sleeping with your mum . A place where on a Friday all the local chavs get together take loads of drugs then the nice old ladies moan like fuck all week cos that's the only excitement they have in their sad lives . The most amusing thing about it all is that they hang around right outside the police station and nothing is done . LOL.
coming to ystrad boys to ' get off it and hang round with teenage girls and look cool even tho we are 30' so (ystrad) is basically a small village with no prospects . Ystrad mynach means leave your hopes and dreams as you enter .
by Lsd14 December 03, 2018
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