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A youtube D.J. resides to playing music via youtube for enjoyment or substitution because they cannot afford a stereo system.
My roomate is a youtube D.J. He sits around and plays all the new tracks on youtube

We don't have any music to play at our party, what can we do? "I will be a youtube D.J. and supply the music via the internet"
by charliemurphy! May 01, 2009
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Can be used as a noun or a verb (e.g. youtube deejaying) and denotes someone who uses Youtube as a jukebox.
The author of this definition is a self-taught Youtube DJ.
by thebillowingclouds October 17, 2009
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The person in the room who's in control of the flow of Youtube videos. Talented Youtube DJ's who take themselves seriously have to be constantly updated with the most fresh videos around, sense the video's "feel" and "timing" as well as the viewers' "vibe" in order to create a good atmosphere, and the ability to keep up with youtube-DJing for hours.
- "Tom is one of the best Youtube DJ's I know, yesterday we spent all night watching tubes"
- "I dunno man, Tom is cool, but he's SO out of date! I mean... lolcats?? That's totally two months ago."
by Red_step September 06, 2011
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The act of having 2 (or more) tabs of youtube open with music videos pre-loaded on to them. Before the first video stops the youtube DJ will hit play on the next video transitioning from one song to the other seamlessly ergo eliminating the risk of awkward silences. often used in small partys and gatherings of acquaintances where there is no sound system present.
"man these tunes are sweet"

"yeah! you can thank the youtube DJ"

"I know, with all this music going on I can actually tolorate you"

by HaxMaster May 31, 2012
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