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A form of payment received through Centrelink for youths who are either studying, or too busy youtubing news bloopers to get a job. Youths are often encouraged, by their parents, to fill in the youth allowance form. This is because their parents are too busy at the pokies spending their kids' university savings on VBs and slot machines. The centrelink child often appears to wear all it can afford. This includes fake BAPE and singlets from Cotton On. However, if the child is one of the smarter kids, that child would save his/her money diligently and wait for interest to fatten their bank accounts. Though usually, the child's parents had created the bank accounts, therefore, the parents know the PINs and will continue to take money from their children.
Ben can spend his days watching news bloopers because he is on youth allowance, therefore, he is awesome.

Diane has to work hard because she does not directly receive her youth allowance, therefore, she is not as awesome as Ben.
by Captain Man December 16, 2008
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