a run-off of "your face", "your mom", ect.... usually used as a comeback. the ULTIMATE.....random comeback, used to make anyone walk away confused......
Morgan: I hate this class
Autumn: Your mom hates this class
Morgan: Your Dad...............in bed
Autumn: Your Brother
Morgan: Your computer
Autumn: Your front lawn!!!
Morgan: *becomes confused and walks away......*

by Kursti Yoyoyiggityyo May 27, 2008
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When you have a bush in your front lawn, it means you have lot's of hair in a certain place...;)
Boy:"Hey, do you have a bush in your front lawn?"
Girl:"Hell yea! I have a whole garden"
by Jordatha March 23, 2017
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The vagina hairs

A way to make fun of slutty Mexicans
The grass in your front lawn is so nice/

Jesus you spend more time mowing the grass in her front lawn than all your jobs combined
by Jabae24 December 7, 2016
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