Between 7th and 10th May, find the courage to make a move on your crush and kiss him/her. What are you waiting for??
by freeeaaaakkyyyy123 May 5, 2018
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On october 22nd your allowed to kiss your crush ANYWHERE ANYTIME on the 22nd of october no matter what
You: *kisses crush*
Crush: WTF
You:its give your crush a kiss day
Crush: oh...ok kiss me again
by Ihaveacrush1 October 20, 2019
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october 22 is the day you get to hug your crush, or anyone if you don’t have one!
Me: hey it’s national hug your crush day, should i hug _____?
Friend: yesss thatd be so cute
by xoxo.emi October 22, 2020
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On this said day you shall kiss your crush, come on don't be a pussy kiss him/her
Crush: what was that for
You: national kiss your crush day
Crush and you: *kiss*
by Tyw February 23, 2019
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On April 12 ask out your crush and see if they like you to. Don’t be a pussy just do it you might actually finally get a girlfriend/boyfriend
by Zoee kabobs April 12, 2018
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A made up holiday, no one can seem to agree on the actual day. Look up any day of the year, and chances are a dumb nigga thinks it's national tell your crush day. Just tell them already, life is short.
No one knows when "national tell your crush day" really is, just tell them already!
by CorpseGrinder5000Returns October 31, 2019
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