A word used to describe someone who is imitating or acting like someone that is fat, black, and is a female. Most commonly used when someone gets really excited all of a sudden spits out random ghetto words that don't mean anything. Also used to describe someone who likes to do booty dances at the club , and eats a lot of chicken.
A : Yo , Bonishia did you see my home girl Oprah pop lock and drop it in da club and throw her hands in the air like she just don't care , like shonishia in dat one Beyonce video? Man , that was my shizzle on my dizzle daug.

B : Dude, your acting like a fat black chick , and your pissing me off !

A: Well des ight , I don't have to chill which chew no mowz. And anysways Chirishia is giving me some new weave in an hour. PEACE ! FO REAL !
by litureeee May 28, 2008