The phrase "You tell em" is one of many sarcastic remarks which can be used to abruptly end a conversation. If you do not feel like responding to a certain person or your laughing at a complete idiot/moron/goon throwing out a "You tell em" will shut them up or induce a very interesting response.
Complete Idiot with glasses- "Actually Mr. Peeeeuuuurrrrd, I ate 7 apples for breakfast, not 6."

You- "ay you tell em pal"

A moron is walking in the hallway talking to his friend who is even more of a goon.

You- Point and say the famous catchphrase "You tell em" Then walk away.
by Steve Santang April 14, 2009
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Slogan of Barack Obama voters use to affirm a statment Obama made during a speech. The slogan was created by an Obama stan during Obama's May 6, 2008 celebration speech, after having won the North Carolina primary. The 21st Century version of "Give em hell Harry", the major slogan of Harry Truman stans.
Obama: "...I want to thank the people of North Carolina for giving us a victory in a big state, a swing state, and a state where we will compete to win if I am the Democratic nominee for president of the United States"
Obama stan: "You tell em B!"
by NoMamesBuey May 06, 2008
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