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A nerdy pick up line that tells someone they are sexually aroused upon seeing them. It's a nerdy boner. Normally used when a nerd sees an incredibly hot slut (Because all nerds go for sluts)

Your penis becoming from a device that is within the interior of the computer, to a device that can be inserted into any computer. They are not however, immune to virus (atleast not until the idick comes out.)
Incredibly hot slutty bitch: "My computer isn't working"
Nerd: "Why?"

Incredibly hot slutty bitch: "It says I need to insert some hardware into my mainframe in order to update the software on this computer."
Nerd: "Well I can help you with that"
Incredibly hot slutty bitch: "You have the right hardware?"
Nerd: "You make my software into hardware"
Incredibly hot slutty bitch: "Like, WHAT???"
by BationMaster March 08, 2012
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