Pronounced "Yoo Gohn Lurn Duhdey!" (sometimes the "You" is eliminated), a viral catchphrase by Kevin Hart during his 'Alright, alright, alright!' segment of "Laugh at My Pain".
Kevin Hart explains that his father 'legitamately' walks in during his spelling bee, being outrageously loud—along with the dog on drugs—and repeating the phrase "Alright, Alright, Alriiiiiiiiiiiiiight!".
The phrase is used—but not limited to—mainly in high school to joke about how one will know what sex is, a long dick is, etc. but can be used in other various cases (or forms).

Girl 1: Sheesh, I can't believe it. Last night, with the hottest guy, was boooring! He had NOTHING!
Boy 1: Oh really? I can make tonight good for you?
Girl 1: You? Hah! How?
Boy 1: You gonna learn today…


Coach: Alright, 100 push-ups! No breaks in between! If you fall flat before doing it, 4 laps around the track nonstop running!
Kid 1: *whispering to teamates* We gonna work today…
by DarkMario1000 on Youtube January 8, 2012