Means, "I know!(as in YUP)(not like a durr kind of "iknow")" and "get it?" "understand?"
Billybob: That girl such a hoe!
Joebob: You feel me?!

Skip: How do you spell hoe?
Sally: H-O-E you feel me?
Skip: Yeahh.
by SuperPinky December 12, 2007
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you might of heard people say '' You feel me '' what means you basically saying can you relate to me but in another form of words.
You feel me, Im so excited to go to the park.
by Ladyas12 April 25, 2022
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One of the more annoying things people say along with asking you if you know what they're saying. Touch and Hearing are two different senses, and though emotions can be connected to senses, they're not the same thing as senses.
Guy- Do you feel me?
Other guy- No, I hear you.
by The Original Agahnim July 18, 2021
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