An expression used when explaining to someone that they are the fuckiest fuck that ever fucked.
by coshtan October 31, 2010
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This is a tough one. Not calling you a fuckER. Not saying you are a DUMB-fuck. What am I saying? Am I calling you "an act of sex"? ...

Maybe it depends on how it is said.

Therefore the term if only defined by the connotation~!
one buddy yells to the other: "YOU ARE A FUCK~!~!"
...........negative connotation.

girlfriend says to lover in soft, sexy voice: "you are a fuck"
...........positive connotation
by Klaatu_v8 October 17, 2007
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A definition used by the now enlightened older generation said commonly to Anyone born in or beyond 2000, who thinks they understand the world, and continues to celebrate moronic shit that will get them more fucked in this world.
EG: these drugs are great Im glad we all put in and spent our whole centrelink on them.... they should last atleast 12 hours. ..; She was so out of it that the only way she could say yes was by waving with one hand and a sour look and a we were gentle when we took turns... :she loves me.. she said so right after she wiped those guys cum off her chin and came knocking on the door because they wouldnt look after her .. :::: Those fucking dog cunt coppers got me again without a license drunk.. i misssed that bitch and her kid .. fucking cunts.. the're fucked. I tried to submit this ..and stupid errors came up.. the explination was fucking vague as fuck.. "i said.. " you cunts are fucked"
by UCUNTSRFKD January 13, 2018
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I am a single queen you know the fucking vibes~ fuck men these days, fuck them all. They will hurt everyone feelings and fuck them all, but don’t forget to call me shawty or shorty or whatever you want or you can call m-
by lesben October 11, 2019
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when someone says something that is going to happen to you but dont want it.
Huckeby: i call shotgun!!

danielle: You got me fucked!!

Grow: lol
by HUCKnGROW May 27, 2010
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Last warning before I give you a dirt nap one more word after I say you shut the fuck up you'll be put to sleep
Billy you shut the fuck up Billy replies yeah fuck you what are you going to do about it then billy gets put to sleep
by Dirtye49 August 28, 2017
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see emo
just kidding.
phrase used to express deep feelings for another person. or a spur of the moment thing which is 9184932479324 times more popular
door: knock knock
tim answers door
lisa: would you like to buy some cookies?
tim: do you want to fuck?
lisa: ok!
by kayla March 02, 2004
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