What you say whenever leaving a room full of people looking at you.
Jasper: Sir, I regret to inform you that the smell of your trousers has attracted the attention of everyone in the room.

Sir Reginald: I see...

*awkward silence as everyone stares*

Sir Reginald: Fuck you motherfuckers.

by Speeps March 16, 2011
A good retort to people who use urbandictionary to argue about politics.
You wanna argue about politics? FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, go back to MySpace.
by RySenkari October 7, 2006
A good retort to someone who is so ignorantly patriotic that they believe anyone who has a problem with the way their country is run or has an opinion that is different than the majority is "un-American" and doesn't deserve to live there. These people are usually in the religious right and are actually the only proof against human evolution.
Got a problem with me expressing my opinions? FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKERS. Go back to church.
by Ruby September 20, 2004
a phrase commonly used to express anger and disgust toward free Americans who insist upon trashing the very country which provides them frredom to do so. Disagreement and protest are understandable and allowable, but outright disrespect usually erupts in this such terminology;
Don't like America? FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. Move, we won't miss you.
by Rusty May 12, 2003
A short hidden track on the English rock band Muse's "Starlight" DVD Single which contains a lot of swearing. The track can be found on the DVD by going to title 4.

Although the song has not officially been given a title, it is most commonly referred to as "You Fucking Motherfucker", even by band members themselves.
You Fucking Motherfucker, as sang by Matthew Bellamy:

"You're a fucking motherfucker
You're a fucking motherfucker
Yea fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck

Da, doo, doo, doo, dabba dabba doo, doo doo, dabba dabba doo, doo, doo, doo, oh, you motherfucker!

You're a fucking motherfucker
You're a fucking motherfucker


I've got to, got to go!"
by Amaranthian August 2, 2008