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Quite literally, one that bottles their own semen. A recluse, flake, or other waste fellow that spends more time in their room beating their meat then spending time with their friends and family. Used as cheap throw away insult due to it's seamingly harmless meaning and ridiculous implications due to the imagery it inspires in those that know of it's true meaning. Often used repeatedly in intervals to get maximum insult silliness and effectiveness

Other uses: bottling, bottled it, bottler

Unrelated origins to the UK English insult however can be used in an almost similar manner

Dude1: hey man, you bottle it.
Dude2: ok...
Dude1: fucking bottle it
Dude2: fuck off
Dude 1: but bottle it
Dude 2: I'll fucking kill u

3hours later while dude2 is sleeping

Dude1: * creeps up to dude2s ear, whispers* You bottle it
Dude2:* proceeds to throttle dude1*

Example 2:
Dude1: where the fuck is dude 3, I called him an hour ago and he was supposed to bring us cold ones
Dude2: typical dude3 man, guys probably bottling it at home as we speak
Dude 1: fucking bottler maaan.

1 hour later
Dude3: yo guys what's Gucci!
Dude 1 and 2: you bottle it man!
by Papi Warbuck$ July 03, 2017
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