Yosemite or Yos for short can be used as a synonym for yes, yea, yeah, ye, ya, ye and many more by other's definition
If your friend asks if you are doing well one might reply "Yosemite or Yos" instead of yes or yeah.
by apuesto420 December 16, 2018
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A group of lemmings who blindly follow Donald Trump at every turn.
Donald exposed his shitty anus to the world but his Yo-Semites quickly rushed to wipe it.
by NoNeckDude August 04, 2020
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1. A common greeting in old Williamsburg usually exchanged between Jews or Arabs.

2. Something a fucking moron says when he's reading the teleprompter and has never heard of one of America's most spectacular National Parks.

by Patrick August 4, 2020
when they gaze upon Yo Semite -- YO-se-min-NIGHT's towering sequoias, their love of country grows
by Habibullah August 04, 2020
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