To pay a large amount of money for something you can not give away. To be promised something great only to find out it is crap.
I paid $80,000 for a PSL at Levy stadium and now the team is crap... I've been Yorked
by 9er fan February 13, 2015
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The process by which work related frustrations are taken out on a poor, defenseless fooseball table and those nearby.
After such a horrendous call, he decided that the fooseball table needed to be yorked but good. Time to consider buying a new table.......
by Duckman December 30, 2004
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Verb: to be 'yorked'

To be absolutely mentally bamboozled and destroyed all while being emotionally and spiritually annihilated.

Have you been 'yorked'?
This term represents anyone who has put in a substantial amount of effort into something, or has a certain expectation of a way that things are supposed to go based on instructions or previous experience BUT was completely and utterly let down to an unimaginable degree.
Friend 1: My course just got removed from the dashboard right before my 40% final. Admin isn't responding to emails.
Friend 2: What are you even paying tuition for?
Friend 1: I honestly don't know. I've just been yorked so hard.
by dinosaursarejellyfish February 07, 2021
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A thrown dessert item, usually a mint-chocolate patty, hits a male in the genital area hard enough to cause the recipient of the throw to double over in pain.
We were watching a movie, and then he just yorked his friend! Right in the patties! It looked really painful...he couldn't stand up straight for five minutes.
by Docholmes31 March 24, 2013
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