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A newly opened high school in Yorba Linda CA. It is completely filled with snobby rich OC kids who think they're the shit. This school's boundaries were purposely created so that all the wealthy whites and FOB Asians could attend. Students of other colors and with less money were turned away despite that it is supposed to be a public school. The teachers are all unqualified middle school instructors.

Their mascot, the "Mustangs" does not sufficiently cover what these students really are. A decent mascot would have been the "Jackasses." The sports at this school are a complete joke because they let any old nobody with no experience be on their teams. Also, they are trying to claim that they have varsity teams even though the school only harbors freshmen and sophomores who are immature idiots. The sophomores behave like freshmen and the freshmen have actually digressed back to 7th grade due to the lack of seniors on campus. The students at YLHS have no idea how to act their own age.

All in all, Yorba Linda High School is a sick twisted joke of a school that only messed things up for Valencia and other high schools in the area.
John: "Where do you live?"

Mary: "I live in the hills of Bryant Ranch."

John: "I could tell by your bitchy attitude. You go to Yorba Linda High School then?"

Mary: "Of course! I'm on varsity volleyball, waterpolo, and dance even though I've never done any of those sports in my life!"
by 1a2b3c4d5e6f February 16, 2010
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