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This is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens during intercourse. When a man is giving his finest sexual efforts and climaxes inside of his woman but with the women on top. You are then left in the situation where the seminal fluid is held inside the vagina with nothing but a penis stopping its gravitational exit onto your belly.

The moment at which the female "gets up offa that thing", the genitally enforced seal is released and the contents emptied all over your lower abdomen ... rather like the upturning of a freshly opened yogurt pot.
Man 1: Yo, how did you get on with her last night?

Man 2: yeh geez went really well, she rode me like sea biscuit but sadly got up too quickly and Yogurt Potted me hard.

Man 1: Sorry to hear that mate, should have gone for the flip and roll technique ...
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by drummermanadam July 24, 2018
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