if you sill say yo mama jokes you are gay and have no friends
yo mama so fat she looks like a planet lol that is why yo mama jokes are trash
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by Pizza duck😊 February 08, 2020
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some examples of yo mama jokes are:
yo mama so fat, she doesnt need internet, shes already WORLD WIDE
yo mama so stupid, she made an appointment with doctor pepper
yo mama so ugly, she made an onion cry
yo mama so old, her first christmas, WAS THE FIRST CHRISTMAS
yo mama so short, she surfs on doritos
yo mama so fat, when she died, she broke the stairway to heaven
yo mama so old, she has an autographed bible
yo mama so ugly, they moved Halloween to her birthday
yo mama so stupid, she brought a spoon to the SUPER BOWL
by Hehe I cheated March 29, 2021
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