Yell is an island north of shetland, which is an island north of UK, which is an Island north-west of Europe.

Most people say that Yell folk shag sheep. No one is sure if this is a one night stand or a serious relationship.
Dave: D'you see Mark's photos from last night?
James: No?
Dave: He was shagging a sheep in Yell!!
by JPTiger January 17, 2012
Raising Your voice; using a higher voice than usually.
I be yelling at my girlfriend for not making decisions.
by PrettyGirl25 January 29, 2020
A kid-friendly term to sensor the word "yiffing." First used by MatPat and Stephanie on GTLive to make Dayshift at Freddy's slightly more appropriate.
Mat: Time to yiff the fox!
Steph: Don't do it, Matthew. No yelling and sniffing of the Foxy allowed.
by PoweredByDietCoke July 22, 2017
The act of vomiting noisily into a toilet bowl or other drain. Derived from the urban myth of the existence of alligators in the sewers.
I drank way too much last night and spent all morning yelling at the alligators
by Apathetic Care Bear February 11, 2005
Another way to say 'hell yeah', found on tumblr.
Can I get a yell heah! hell yeah
by miss tumblr December 31, 2014
1.A high pitched yell, often shouted by Confederate Soldiers during the American Civil War. Was known to terrify the enemy.

2.A lower end bourbon which cheap drunks, high school and college students, and people who just want to get drunk buy. Isn't the best tasting whiskey in the world but it's much less expensive than Jack or Jim.
1.The Confederate soldiers emitted a high-pitched Rebel Yell as they assaulted the Union position.

2.I just bought a fifth of Rebel Yell because I was too broke to afford Jim Beam Black.
by acw December 19, 2003
a video found on youtube of a creature that is yelling! It is known as the “epitome of destruction” he also burps and loves hamburgers. LW are his number one supporters and he is able to put a smile of anyone’s face. He also blinks randomly and has a sassy eye roll.
yelling creature: OooooOooOooOo

“yelling creature is the epitome of destruction
by yellingcreaturebby December 6, 2020