a word that is called out typically when someone is throwing an object; something someone says when they have nothing else to say
Jim and John were passing the ball to one another and when it was Johns time to throw he called out "Yeet!" upon throwing the ball.
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To aggressively throw something ; a slang term used when in a ball game.
Jimmy wanted to YEET the volleyball at Jacobs face.
by Molly the dog jr October 07, 2019
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An expression, or saying yes in an odd way. Often used by someone called Amelia.
Jim: today you’ll be baking chocolate cake!!
Amelia: YEET!1!1!1
by ameliax0 November 28, 2018
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1)Throwing something at a high velocity

2)a word to show expression when shouted at the top of your lungs in rage, happiness, or surprise.
1)Yeeting a caterpillar over a backdrop and hitting William Nye during an Odyssey of the Mind presentation.

1)Going to McDonalds in unicorn one does and meeting Ronald McDonald out of there

by Elliptical July 16, 2019
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Hayden it is a word, dang it. Just believe. Also Illumination forever.

It means to discard an item, very fast.
Hayden yelled "yeet" as he chucked a can of Only Farmers Can Drink This Drink across the farm.
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