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In Australia, year 7's are the most annoying little turds on the face of this nation. Mostly 12-13 years old, these little fucks still think they hold the authority they had in year 6 when they were the top at elementary school, but must realise that once they enter high school (starts in year 7 in Aus) they might as well be little retarded kindergartners.

In recent years there has been a growing trend where year 7's are getting smaller, as in their muscles are extremely puny, their voices are really high and they have the faces of 10 year olds. Their attraction to girls is also fading, as none of them seem to have girlfriends/talk about girls. No one knows why this is happening, but its probably because of lack of meat. Eat moar beef you little fucks.
Year 11 guy: What the fuck you arrogant little bitch, know your place in life. Gb2 kitchen and make me a sammich.

Year 7 kid: But I don't want tooooooooooo
by LongcatistheBest March 31, 2009
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annoying, cheeky little high pitched children who think they have a right to be in secondary school when they don't.
year 7: yeah? you wanna start something?
Year 9: *punches him in the nose*
year 7: owww what was that for? *starts crying*
by J Kelso December 19, 2006
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The first years of High School in Australia who think they are cool just because they are in high school, when in fact they are just annoying little kiddies who annoy the older students.
*A bunch of year 7s run past a group of year 10s whilst playing "tag"*
Year 10 dude: Fucken year 7s
by Jimmy Man June 06, 2011
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kids at the age of 12-13 who graduate or not from primary school and moves to highschool. There at the stage where they have to decide if they wanna act like a teen/cool or remain childish but in the end they still become gay, known as the "try hard stage".
Year 7's have been known to run around the school continiusly every lunch and recess. The highest rate of nerds than anyother Year level. Ruins the peace and silence in the library. Shouting like whiny fags since they havn't reached puberty yet.
by Sekatsu March 26, 2012
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Cocky little children who are in the youngest in secondary school and piss all the other years off.
year 7: AHHHHHHHH TIG! youre it! ahhahahahhahhaa
by O0O0OHNOSE.itsyamom. November 06, 2007
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Retarded little cunts-I'm ashamed to be one in 3 months! =(

Little pricks who say words like;

They also have shit made up names(when they're the chav ones) like;
Preciously...a word with 'ly'? wtf.

Year 7's have no rights to be in there schools! They have too many fights with older people and loose. e.g.

Keegeuana: Nar, that prick in year 9's gonna be barlin' when i is done wid 'im!
Year 9: I don't even know why I bother! Look at the chav, getting a brick to hit me with.
(2 seconds later the year 9 goes home)
Keegeuana:*crying/barling Nar wot da fuuuk he hit me for?!
Neeidamailian:Your trackies are sicckkkk mate were did u get them?!
Keegeuana:Yeah they are mint.
made-wid-no-condom: Got them from primark 20p. i saw 'em nd fought'dey r peng!' so i got 'em, but na i got no money init.

Teacher:*mumbles* Fuck year 7's!
Teacher: Right class! We're going to be-
*Year 7 plays music on phone*
*Whole class sing along-as its 'Blackout Crew' and all chavs know them!
*Teachers kills himself after saying 'Year 7's NEED puberty, i cant stannd their voices!...boys...GROW SOME BALLS!'
by Cait Lynch April 05, 2009
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Kids at age 11-12 who are in their first year at secondary school
Year 7's are known for being cocky and disrespectful to older years. They think they are rock solid when, in actual fact, everyone laughs at them and picks on them because they are 'newbies'
Lots of people hate Year 7's. Mainly because of the fact that they think they own the school and run around everywhere with bags that are bigger than themselves.

Year 7's try to get themselves in trouble just to brag to their mates that they are on report card or they have a detention
Example 1:
Year 7: Awh m8 i forgot my readin book lol
Year 7#2: Narr u a savage init
Year 7: Yh ima get a detention an everythin
Example 2:
Year 9: *pushes him into a locker*
Year 7: Ay u cant do dat am younger then u hav sum respect m8 ima go tell da teacher an everythin
Example 3:
*A group of year 7's run down the corridor screaming*
Year 10: I fuken h8 year 7's
by CJP0133 July 26, 2017
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