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Yaoika is a holiday in the religion of Yaoism.

December 18 marks the day of Yaoi's birth, and was brought down to Earth on the 19th and given to a homosexual couple to take care of him. On the 20th, Yaoi was taken away by the imperial guards of Yaoi's hometown, Tokyo, and was put in prison as a little baby since homosexuals were not allowed to have children. On the 21st, Uke, furious at the imperial guards, had set Yaoi free and gave him back to the homosexual couple, which then the imperial guards were all burnt to death at once and all died, and then the homosexual couple had become king and king of Tokyo. This holiday is known as the four days of Yaoika.
On Yaoika, you give friends one present each every day for the four day period. Some say Yaoi comes to your house on the 21st at night and slips a picture of your favorite yaoi under your pillow.
I gave Beth some Naruto yaoi, and Jonathon an app for his iPhone. But what will I get for Timmy on Yaoika?
by Tails Turrosaki December 22, 2009
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