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A person who hates on Yao. Usually ignorant people who are prejudiced against any non-black basketball players, such as Stephen A. Smith. Or generally an idiot who just doesn't know what he is talking about, such as Steve Kerr.
Stephen A: GUESS WHAT!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!! If you're once known as Mr. Softy, you're always gon' be known as Mr. Softy. You know they're making a big deal about the fact that he's more aggresive, WELL BIG DEAL! HE'S 7 FEET 5!!!! WHY NOT BE AGGRESSIVE!!!
John Saunders: Thank you for watching KIA NBA Shootaround...
Stephen A: GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!
John Saunders: "We will see you after the...
Stephen A: BYE!!!
John Saunders:
Stephen A: SOFT!!!!!!

Steve Kerr "The 7-6 Chinaman"

Steve Kerr: "Quick, who is the second-best center in the NBA? Obviously Shaquille O'Neal is the best, and the name most people put after Shaq is Yao Ming. In fact, Yao has been on fire of late, averaging 32 points and 11 boards over his last five games.

But if you said Chris Kaman, you wouldn't be far off."

Guy1: Chris who? Ya a Yao Ming Hater
by Ken Fisherman July 17, 2006
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