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Yang Jeongin is the cutest desert Fox alive I love him to death, he is adorable nice and evil maknae but he loves his hyungs a lot :')
Yang Jeongin is adorable and you know it
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by Jeonginissababyuwu May 06, 2019
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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If you are a yang jeongin then you are the cutest human being. You look like a dessert fox and is an actual cutie We must protecc you
Yang jeongin? What a cute desert dory babie.
by staybebe June 12, 2020
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Yang Jeongin is part of the Vocal Racha unit in Stray Kids. He is a beautiful singer with a unique voice. Really funny and very kind. Jeongin deserves the world
Do you know Yang Jeongin? Yes! He's part of Stray Kids

Who is the maknae on top? Yang Jeongin
by skzlocket January 18, 2021
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Yang Jeongin is the youngest member of Stray Kids. He can sing, rap, dance; He's an all rounder, a maknae on top.
"Don't act superior.. you aren't Yang Jeongin from Stray Kids."
by cleprof January 18, 2021
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Yang jeongin is the most adorable child ever but lost his innocence and is dating lee taeyonv from nct
Awww yang jeongin is so cute
by Idontuseoofanymore June 17, 2018
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