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A small town in NC which contains 1 high school & 1 middle school in which the kids who attend are from 3 different elementary schools located in three different places.

Full of "ghetto bitches who think they tha shyt" , "racist muhfukas", Also a lot of white girls who chase black dick cause they think its cool, & there is also a bunch of redneck hicks.

STD rate is very HIGH cause niggaz dnt kno how to fuk just one girl & be faithful & dnt forget the hoes who fuk a different nigga every chance they get.

Also, there does happen to be alot of stuck up white folks around there as well.

One of the good things about this town which is pretty much the only thing I have anything good to say about is the middle & high school; Dillard Middle & Bartlett Yancey High offer a lot of educational opportunities & may well help you progress somewhere in life & away from this shitty little town.

Also, another axample as to how minute this town is.. They just recently in the past five years got a Bojangles & a laser car wash... How pathetic?

Of course, the rednecks like to ride around with the mud on their trucks so I guess they aren't really worried about a car wash but they sure so seem to love their "finger-lickin' chicken" from Bojangles.. Which I can't say is a bad thing.. Cause I love Bojangles too but you all got where I was coming from. :)
ghetto STD redneck hick wannabe black wigger small Dillard Middle Bartlett Yancey NC black dick yanceyville,nc yanceyville
by TruthBringer5 September 09, 2011
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