Collectively illegal items that one would hide at his or her auntie's house.
I quickly realized exactly what neighborhood I was in when I heard the dealer yell, "Yams for sale!" What I was doing on this side of the river, I hadn't the slightest idea.
by Nutrix August 22, 2005
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Acronymβ€”Yet Another Moron, noun. A word affording the utility of reducing all fools to a class of colorful vegetable, so as not to waste time pointing out the particulars of each foolish varietal. Especially applicable to sincere, cheerful, generous, boyscout-type fools, who imagine the sharing of their stupidity is a public service.
YAM says his theory originated with UFO aliens.

The YAM in the White House wants your support for his new foreign adventure.
by J. Karlin August 27, 2005
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A man's crop.
Taken from Chinua Achebe's book, "Things Fall Apart."

"Yam, the king of crops, was a man's crop."

Wife: What would you like to go with the pot roast, dear?

Husband: Yams.

Wife: But we had yams just yesterday! Wouldn't some asparagus be nice?

Husband: I want yams. With butter and salt.

Wife: Why are you so hooked on yams?

Husband: Because yams are a MAN'S crop!
by necoyama March 19, 2009
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A dance that never caught on. Fred Astaire sang a song about "doing the yam" but instant hipness failed him on this score. The continental was more successful
Hey, everybody, let's yam!
by nick cusa September 14, 2006
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universal meaning. can mean anything. created by Athens Academy students in the 10th grade.
This math homework is yam.
Ahhh yam, i got a 30 on this test
Yam, I won.
by Rusty Trumbone April 17, 2007
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verb: The process by which someone engages in sexual activity

The desire to have or engage in a sexual activity with someone
She could get the yams
Would you give him/her the yams?
I got the yams last night

Seuss: what were you doing last night?
O: I was getting the yams
by Mc Yammer January 26, 2011
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