The act of licking another person from side to side along the longest part of each butt cheek without lifting your tongue. yam to yam Y2Y
Ray : Damn! Chema, let me go yam to yam!

Chema : Damn dog! From cheek to cheek? What if I clench?
by Saucy! September 6, 2018
A Person what lives in Black Country
"what yam doing tonight?"
by mick unsworth November 2, 2003
A person from the Black Country area of the West Midlands of England. Yam-yams use a slight variation of English that is often incompehensible to non-locals (and even to their neighours from Birmingham, with whom they share many similariies in vocal accent) due to both the thick accent of the speaker and the frequent exchange of standard words in place of local terminology (the most obvious example being the substitition of the word "you" for "yam").
"I wish these yam-yams would bloody learn some English."
by kipstik.FiL November 8, 2004
An explanation of a brutal dunk in basketball that involves the dunker to drag their nuts across the face of the person being dunked on. Usually an unexpected dunk to finish off a game or to outright disrespect the opponent.
“Did you see Etty and Neo play on the court last Friday?”

“Yeah Neo brought the game to 21-3, she got yammed on
by Master Of Shadows November 26, 2017
I'm a yam yam and I'm proud!!

we aye (aren't) brummies!!

yam yams are people from the black country, which is a shithole, but west bromwch albion is in the black country so its the best place in the world!!
oh yeah, there are two other teams, wolves (scum of the earth dingles) and walsall.

the black country is close to birmingham, which is full of chavvy villa and blues fans (shit on the villa!!)
ariite cock, yome ok? aarr great.
by number 1 haggis by the way March 31, 2005
a yam yam is someone who is dirty or a tramp
shut the fuck up you yam yam
by fergie247 December 6, 2022