to dunk

I just yammed that shit on your sorry ass!

you just got yammed on, my man!
by dirtynick May 23, 2009
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You'll accompany me
Will you yam me for the rest of my life?
by SentFromTheHeart September 26, 2018
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to eat food. to yam food.
to eat pussy. to yam pussy.
"me nah yam no pussy" = i dont eat no pussy
by Patrick Joel June 23, 2007
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i YAMed your mother last night
Can you YAM me my socks
That chick is YAM
by alecrocks261 March 23, 2010
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"yam" Cumbrian (u.k) term meaning "home"
"I left it at yam"
by Dr MamBo June 04, 2004
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A type of person who is a smartass and tries to one-up everybody in class. They are extremely obnoxious, it's actually a joke. Gets their shirt ripped in sport.
Bruh, Kevin is such a yam.
by rangerwithswagger November 07, 2019
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