verb: The process by which someone engages in sexual activity

The desire to have or engage in a sexual activity with someone
She could get the yams
Would you give him/her the yams?
I got the yams last night

Seuss: what were you doing last night?
O: I was getting the yams
by Mc Yammer January 27, 2011
Girl 1: "Girl, he looking fine, he getting the yams tonight."
Girl 2: "Haha, you're a true hoe!"
by nilamor May 13, 2013
The fat that hangs over a girls leg while wearing jean shorts. Almost like a Muffin Top on their legs.
Dude, Did you see the YAMS Mary had at the park?
by Didiano November 3, 2011
Titays, breasteses, boobies, jubblies, boobs, funbags, melons.
That chick Yamsies has some incredible, huge, supple yams
by Doobwah July 4, 2011

Yams rock your socks. Don't try and deny it.
by I LOVE YAMS August 24, 2006
Usually used as a nickname for short tempered but cute people named Yamika.
"Hey did you talk to Yamika?"
"OH no no Yams is better when left in peace."
by liltoad September 7, 2020
Person from the Black country which is in the west midlands, very close to birmingham. The Black country dialect is very unique. Yam yam derives from 'you am' e.g 'yam coming with me ay ya?'
A couple of drug smoking munch seeking yam yam's in a car:

"Yam gewin the wrung way! Where am yo gewin kid?"
"I ay at all!"
"Ye yam, yo day tek that last turnin ya saft get!"
"Oh arr, soz I day realise"
"yo'll atta gew back im starvin I cor wait no longer kid!"
by A drug smokin yam yam June 8, 2007