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Oh, you wanna know about a Yalhé Garcia huh? Well let me tell you, she's a great girl and wifey material. Yalhé usually loves trying new things, whether they're frightening or not. She has a lot of talent and she's very adventurous. There is some days when she doesn't love herself, but 99.8% of the time she's pretty confident. Yalhé has a BIG sense of humor, I'm pretty sure her dirty jokes won't fail to make you laugh. She is very creative and has an imagination that will blow your mind. Her favorite place might just be the beach. She loves pizza and pancakes. She will literally wake you up at 12 am just to go on a late night drive. She's extremely goofy and adorable. If you're a guy and you let her borrow a sweater or a shirt, she'll most likely take it and never give it back. She's just a person that you wanna be around constantly. She's the girl of your dreams. But then again, there's her freaky side, which no one knows, unless you're her boyfriend or a really close friend.
"Have you seen Yalhé Garcia's new insta post?"
"Hell yeah, she's hot"
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