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A phrase that can be used in almost any situation. You can get a kill, do some hardcore Minecraft parkour, or even invade Russia and still say “yah yeet”.
My friend said that their waifu pillow was pregananant, so I said “yah yeet” and teleported outta there.
by Uncle Swagger June 20, 2018
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1.) used when you reject someone's handshake/high five
2.) when you get excited

3.) pretty much anytime you want to say it
1.) iPhoneisha blocks Courtney. When Courtney went up for the lay-up, iPhoneisha came up and yelled "yah yeet" as if she knew that Courtney was going to be embarrassed.
2.) Mark extends his arm so he can give Alex a high five. Alex also puts his arm out but pulls it away last minute as he screams "yah yeet" white Mark stands in shock
by Dornob21 March 11, 2015
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a word virgins say on a daily basis. also associated to skrrt.
person 1: “yo i just got that epic dub on fortnite, yah yeet my bro!!”
person 2: “omg bro thats so cool my guy skrrt skrrt.
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by nørski.kitten February 12, 2019
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A term coined by Logan Paul that should never be used under the best of circumstances.
by Me-Me-Big-Boi November 08, 2018
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A word that god knows who made, and is fucking stupid. But its also cool. :3 When people say "YEET" they're saying it wrong. So call them out. It's "Yah-YEET".
Person A: *throws pencil at nerdy kid in class* YEET
Person B: Hey!
Person A: What
Person B: Its Yah-YEET not YEET idiot
Person A: Oh ok. Thanks I guess?
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by TherealYah-Yeeter November 13, 2019
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