1) translates to "you know what im sayin?"

2) a way to identify a fine ass female, significant other, or bitch around the way to your friends
1) I'm bouts to go kick it at the 7-11, yadadamean?!?

2) HEY GURL?!? Yo baby, let's go..YADADAMEAN!

*to friends later*..yeah, i fucked that yadadamean like 4 times..i think i need to go to the clinic!
by Sideshow Skeeter April 30, 2005
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lol lol lol lol ..... its suppose to be ya wa da mean? not ya da da mean lol ignorant ass mofoes!
im from the sco and i STACK! ya-dadameen?
by homeOFtheBEST[415] knowledge.. January 27, 2005
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