A Y beatnik is a modern day beatnik from the 70's and 60's. They consist of the Y population which means 12-39 years of age.

Y beatniks can often be spotted outside mac stores purchasing apple products. They are attired in tight skinny jeans, tight shirts, plastic bracelets that bare an inspirational message on them (make poverty history) and will have an ipod in their ears.

They like to post blogs on "the interwebs" as they dub it and discuss topics ranging from global warming, politics, conspiracy theories, art and music.

They consider that 9/11 was a conspiracy theory, they generally hate George bush, believe that they have a unique taste in music and consider them selves as environmentally friendly.
Jim: Hey did you see that guy standing outside that apple shop?
Henry: umm which guy there were lots
Jim: He was the guy wearing the skinny jeans and tight shirt. He's also wearing that stupid arm band from one of u2's charity shows.
Henry: oh yeah I know him, he thinks he's really creative and a non conformist...bah nothing more then a y beatnik.
by zamie316 December 28, 2010
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