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Xtreme goose is everclear alcohol poured into a grey goose bottle.  everclear is highly potent n strong liqor it can be xtreme. Since no one wants to drink everclear by itself it is easier on the mind when poured from a grey goose bottle tricking the mind into thinking it's just goose but in fact it's xtreme goose! Hahah I'm sure some can tell the diff between the two but when everyone is allready drinking they don't really mind what it is since it's coming out of a goose bottle...  When your friends get drunk in 2-3 shots tell them they just had xtreme goose! But don't tell them it's everclear or they won't drink w you ever again :P 
Damn he got messed up tonight! He must of had some xtreme goose!

Xtreme goose got you loose!
by Redelzs February 07, 2010
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