A beautiful green eyed girl. She's so sweet and when she likes a guy, she sticks to them... sometimes she cares too much about people because her heart is so big
Damn is that ximena
by Ximena_2328 August 01, 2017
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Ximena a girl of many talents. She will pull any man she wants whenever she wants. She does what she pleases
Ben: Hey did you here about that girl Ximena?!
Jacob: Yeah! I dated her
Ben: Omg dude me too!
by Jonah Oquendo May 10, 2020
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a bossy girl who thinks everything is about herself and for some reason trys to be madison and revalant, but she really is not.
dude1: did you see what bob did
dude2: bob is becoming a ximena
by cheezyyyybooiiiiii February 16, 2019
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Ximena is a Mexican girl who thinks she is white. She is nice when you first meet her, but becomes a fake bitch once she gets what she wants. She only uses you for money and leaves you when you buys her things. She then becomes rude and fake and leaves you for others.
"That bitch left you? She is such a Ximena!"
by paquia July 16, 2018
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(n.) a mexican name made from native american origins also known as Jimena.
Ximena is so pretty
by xime.nuhh May 07, 2021
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A strong beautiful girl with an amazing life or should I say a kinda of hard life she has a sickness but she Dosent leave herself down she’s strong,independent,and smart and if you ever find a ximena make sure you be friends with her because there’s only a couple of ximenas in this world
by Definition_words June 06, 2018
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